Bespoke Event Sponsorship

Colin Eade at Bespoke Event Sponsorship has more than 20 years experience of event sponsorship working with brands such as Carlsberg, Gaymers, Bacardi, Red Bull, Gillette, Pernod Ricard, JJB, Virgin, Nestle, Sony, JVC, Duracell, Unilever and on events such as Euro 96, the Ashes, V Festival, Glastonbury and the Take That Tour.

His breadth of experience as an event sponsor, retailer and agency Account Director means he has a unique perspective on sourcing and managing sponsors for an event; understanding the needs of the brand and the event to deliver successful long term partnerships for all parties.

For 2015 Bespoke Event Sponsorship is managing all sponsorship at three SW based vehicle events; Volksfest, Vanwest and Oktoberfest and at Bass Couture’s touring dance event. All these events offer exciting and interesting opportunities for sponsorship, brand experiences or brand associations.

The Bespoke Event Sponsorship service is to help both events and sponsors with any sponsorship needs they may have, ensuring the event, brand and customers all benefit from the partnership.

If you are a sponsor, agency or brand who wants to know more about the opportunities at Volksfest, Vanwest and Oktoberfest or with Bass Couture please contact Colin directly on email  or by phone on 07768 358825.

Or if you would like to talk to us about event sponsorship or how to manage sponsor relationships within a bar service also please contact Colin on email  or by phone on 07768 358825.