Bespoke Re-enactment Bars

Bespoke Re-enactment Bars combines the resources of Bespoke Event Bars with experience of Richard Phelps to provide a tailored bars service to the re-enactment community.

Richard, a former senior manager at the Workers Beer Company, has over 15 years experience of running event bars and is also a passionate re-enactor and member of the Stanley Household in the War of the Roses Federation.

Since its launch in 2012 our themed bars have proved hugely popular and we have provided our service at Bosworth, Loxwood, Leeds Castle and a number of English Heritage sites. In 2014 we expanded beyond Medieval themes to include the World War and Victorian eras and for 2015 maybe even Pirates!

We use traditional style marquees, period decor, stock appropriate product and provide staff in period dress and in role. We also recognise that the bar often has a twin role; as part of the event as public bar and as a social centre for the re-enactors, each of these roles may need a different approach, staffing and pricing policy as well as the need for on and off sales.

We can also provide themed areas for more contemporary events.

For more information on Bespoke Re-enactment Bars call Richard on 07715 276809 or  Colin on 07768 358825 or by email or or visit us at TORM on the 13th to 15th of March 2015.