Festivals, Community Events and Other Larger Outdoor Events

The team at Bespoke Event Bars has a wide range of experience running event bars at Festivals such as Brisfest and Glastonbury, City Centre events such as Bristol Balloon and Tramlines and Corporate events for organisations like Stock Spirits and Red Bull.

We offer a fast, courteous service from a range of bar formats, including fast serve, venue, hospitality or bespoke, a number of payment options; cash, token and credit card and an appropriate range of products and serving sizes, all dispensed correctly and professionally to the highest standard.

We can be relied on to deliver the service we promise and are happy to provide references for our work over the last 20 years. We have a pool of experienced bar managers, many with personal licenses and have a large pool of trained and trusted staff to call upon. We ensure that they have the right skills and personality to enhance your event. Fully insured for public and employee liability we also have considerable experience of the legislative issues around event and alcohol licensing, be that under age drinking (we normally operate the Challenge 21 policy), environmental health, trading standards, health and safety or alcohol policies.

We have accounts and have worked with all major drinks suppliers and we aim to provide a bespoke service tailored for each event or bar. We strive to offer the consumer a choice of drinks and serving sizes at a reasonable price.

We can offer virtually any product although, where appropriate, we do like to use local products, particularly where we stock real ales and cider. We also own our own dispense and bar equipment, which means we can offer greater flexibility with both products and pricing, this is particularly useful where there are event drinks sponsors.

We tailor our services to the clients’ needs and theme our bars appropriately. We work in partnership with event organisers to ensure that, as well as providing a good service, our bars enhance the character of the event.

We usually offer a full bar service but we can also dry hire bar equipment, wholesale products or just supply staff and we can work to a range of commercial terms.

At Bespoke Event we can also provide services such as sponsorship management, wholesale supply to multiple bar operators and stock management. We can be self sufficient in production, supplying our own structures and utilities, or integrate into the event production.  We offer in-bar recycling and waste management including cup deposit systems. We also have a range of partners allowing us to source and manage catering franchises, stewarding, welfare, production and site management

If you organise a festival or event we would very much welcome the chance to discuss your bar provision with you, contact Colin by email at or on the phone 07768 358825 or call Rab on 07887 515600.